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One of the reliable cars produced nowadays is Mazda 3, a sedan made by Japanese automaker Mazda and released in 2004. For most car buyers, driving a Toronto Mazda 3 is not like driving any other car. Such type of car requires maintenance when it comes to oil, battery, tire, air filter, and transmission fluid.

Oil Mazda 3 usually requires oil changes every 5,000 miles for regular driving or 6,000 miles for highway driving. If you do most of your diving in cities, car experts usually suggest checking your oil every 2,500 miles. You can bring your car in a dealership service bay or independent auto repair shop for oil inspection and change. Changing the oil requires changing the oil filter as well.

Battery One good thing about the battery of your Mazda 3 is that it could last for approximately 5-6 years. This can only be possible if you do not leave battery-operated devices such as lights and stereo turned on when the engine is not running. During the fifth or sixth year, batteries must be inspected to prevent unexpected battery discharge. Always follow the inspection guidelines recommended in the manual to keep you from voiding the warranty in any way.  

Tire When it comes to tire maintenance, Toronto Mazda 3 cars require tire rotation every 10,000 miles. This means that the front tires must also be used as back tires and vice versa.

Tire rotation is recommended to prevent uneven wear especially when driving on different road conditions.  You should also check the pressure of the tires at least once a month. Refer to the manual for the recommended pressure for front and back tires of Mazda 3 cars.

Air Filter At first glance, you would think the Mazda 3 cars have no air filters. These cars do have air filters, but they are just buried underneath the engine. Some experts recommend changing your engine’s air filter once every 20,000 miles, while others recommend changing the air filters every 30 months or 37,500 miles under normal road conditions. If you are driving on rough roads, consider replacing the air filter every 15,000 miles. Replacing the air filter usually take 15 to 20 minutes.

Transmission Fluid To keep you car running smoothly for a long time, transmission fluid must be checked every 40,000 miles. Most Mazda 3 offered in used car loans Ontario can offer require transmission fluid replacement every 100,000 miles to prevent the fluid from burning out. Once the fluid burns out, it can ruin the transmission which calls for an expensive repair that can cost more than $1,500.